The founder S. Paolo della Croce and the Passionists Fathers


Our founder

St. Paul of the Cross, originally named Paolo Danei, was born in Ovada, province of Alessandria, on January 4, 1694 and died in Rome on October 18, 1775. Paul was strongly attracted in Christ crucified, and with ardent devotion founded the first Passionists community with the inspiration of living an evangelical life and proclaiming the love of God that was revealed in the Passion of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul, seeing the spiritual difficulties during his time stood firm on his preaching of the most efficacious remedy that was conveyed by Christ’s passion which is “the greatest and stupendous work of the Divine Love.”

The Catholic Church acknowledged that the vision of Paul came through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, and entrusted him on his mission of devoting his entire life in proclaiming Christ’s Passion.

1741: Approval Rule

Benedict XIV approved the Rules of the Congregation in 1741.The first house of the Institute was opened in Monte Argentario, a swampy coastland of Tuscany and in the south of Lazio. St. Paul of the Cross was canonized by Pius IX in 1867.

3000 Passionists in 50 nations

The Passionists Fathers around 2000, together with the Contemplative Sisters and Nuns, are on their 300 years of its foundation. Existing in 50 countries all over the world, conforming to the initiative of the founder to dedicate their lives in the spirit of Faith, Charity and Love and to nurture their devotion and deep understanding of Christ’s death and resurrection, not just as a story, but also more on about the “Paschal Mystery”..

They are called to serve and evangelize through their mission, Renewal course, Spiritual Exercises and Personal direction. Preaching to the poor and penitent souls and reaching out places where there are marginalized societies.

The 150 years of the Scala Santa

By the Apostolic Constitution INTER PLURIMA TEMPLA on February 24,1854, Pope Pius IX does not only interfered to define the legal- Administration problem of the Sanctuary and the Chapel of Sancta Sanctorum, which has been subject to controversy for a very long period of time, but also entrusted the custody and the properties of the Convent to the Passionists. It was not an easy course for Papa Mastai to resolve the questions pertaining to the responsibilities of work and maintenance and the settlements of the Sanctuary among the various organizations who are running it because each one of them hold the challenge in honor of the upkeeps of this grand and complex construction. The Pope himself take a heart to personally asked Architect Giovanni Azzuri to be assigned in the restoration project of the residence that has been subject to the custody of the Sanctuary. Pius issued the notice of his decision that has already been said in the Apostolic Constitution DECET ROMANUM PONTEFICEM on June 13, 1853.

On September 28, 1853, the Passionists became the legal custodian of the Sanctuary “In Perpetuum”, that was written by Pius IX. And for 160 years, they are taking care of the Sanctuary of the Passion of Christ that is highly venerated in Rome.

Their activity is not limited to concerning the custody of this Holy place but it is a continuous journey to the path of their qualified and effective apostolic mission.