It is possible to climb the Holy Stairs exclusively on knees and in silence. Anyone wishing to go upstairs on foot can use the side staircase. In order to help the staff in managing entrances, we kindly ask the guide to enter first communicating our Staff the numbers of participants: this helps us in providing all the information to the guide (or group leader) who reports them to the participants. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this. We remind you that all groups must enter accompained by the guide/tour leader for the entire visit inside the Sanctuary.

-The access to the Sanctuary is possible with appropriate dresscode so shoulders and knees must be covered.

-Photos, videos and video calls are not allowed.


To visit the Holy Chapel of Sancta Santorum groups must pre-book writing an e-mail to: Due to the great amount of visitors to the Sancta Santorum, groups can stay inside for 20’ maxium.  The entrance fee to access is 3 euro each per partcipant (excluding guides). Guides can explain inside the Chapel mainteining an appropriate tone respecting the Holy Place of devotion. In order to help us with accounting operations, we kindly ask you to pay in a unique solution: it is possible to pay by cash or card on the same day at the Desk located at the entrance of the Sanctuary. Our ticket does not include headphones.


Groups wishing to celebrate their own Holy Mass in San Lorenzo Church (second floor) must pre-book writing en e-mail to: at least 24 hours prior the date desired. In the email please indicate: date, hour, numbers of participants. Max duration 40 minutes and groups need to bring breviaries in their own language.

  1. We remind you that guided tours are not available on Sundays and on the occasion of religious solemnities inside the Sanctuary.